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In society today, the era of high-tech security, it still remains true that physical security is one of the best deterrents to crime...

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  • We were pleased to receive warm praise from our longstanding customer, Bolton at Home's Vanessa Leyland who said: "I was very impressed by the gates at View Street - this is the sturdiness we need for our other streets! Thanks again!"...
  • Commsec Ironworks was very proud to receive such a glowing reference from its customer, St Patrick's Roman Catholic Primary School. We have worked extensively with the school over many years and have recently completed further play ground works and...
  • Commsec Ironworks, the metal fabrication arm of Community Security Group was called to assist local school, St Brigids, when the Beswick primary school needed more playground security recently. In response to an OFSTED recommendation, Head Teacher,...
    Safe at play at St Brigids
  • Community Security Group has announced that it has joined forces with Alzheimer's Society to raise funds for the charity and to help increase awareness. At a presentation held at The Security Park in Beswick, CSG's Myles Hartley handed over the...
    Commsec promises to remember Alzheimer's Society in 2012

Public Ironwork

Resilient and long lasting ironwork for security and public protection

Public metalwork is that which is placed by local authorities and social housing associations.

Public Ironwork

Usually, this is fencing and gating, particularly alley gating. This is widely used to secure the rear entrances to terraced housing to provide a good level of security for all tenants.

Normally, public physical security relies on standardised types of fencing and gating and whilst these are widely produced, Commsec Ironworks has the added advantage of being able to modify these for specific situations. Commsec can also source these standardised products cheaply due to our immense buying power and offers a fitting service to ensure that all these metalwork security schemes link seamlessly.

Commsec Ironworks has over 25 years of experience in providing and managing alley gating schemes and has worked with numerous councils across the UK. It is here that the integrated approach of the Commsec Group comes into play. Masterkey systems operated by Commsec Locksmiths ensure that control of these alley gating schemes remain as easy as possible for the local authority and that maintenance is undertaken promptly as required, whilst operational costs are kept as low as possible.

Other public uses for metalwork that Commsec Ironworks can supply and install are items such as bin stores, public footpath gating, tree guards and access ramps. In each of these areas, Commsec Ironworks uses its considerable experience to provide an attractive solution that will continue in service for years.

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